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Tin Ceilings


This tin ceiling is made up of a 12" designs, excellent for larger areas. The Filler works especially nice with rooms that are square or rectangular. But send us a diagram of your area for us to draw it up. The holes are for lights.

This is an extraordinary way of accenting the area between beams making a beautiful house even more beautiful.

Here is a wonderful use of our cornice and his wood molding. The wall, cornice and ceiling are all painted different colors.


Painted white this ceiling uses the Tiles, Molded Filler, Regular Filler and a Cornice to complete the look.


Here is another unusual use of a tin ceiling used in a conference room in a commercial setting. The Molded Filler helps frame out the decorative design surrounded by the Filler.


This tin ceiling uses a 6" design with a filler and a cornice to complete this wonderful look. Excellent for small areas or narrow areas because the smaller designs make the area look bigger such as in kitchens, bathrooms or in hallways.


Tin ceilings are becoming so popular, people are now using them in suspended ceiling, known also as a drop ceiling. The 2' x 2' square sheets look better visually than the 2' x 4' sheets. Here the T-bars are painted, but not the metal.


Commercially this adds a nostalgia look to a new restaurant. It's a turn of the century design, with a Gothic Gold Finish.


This attractive ceiling shows the versatility of the metal when you don't have a flat ceiling.This one has a beautiful faux finish.


This is the Old Thomasville Historic Courthouse in Georgia using a Turn of the Century style. It's the 12-04 with the C-28 Cornice.

More Tin Ceiling Examples

Tin Wall Coverings


Here is a complete wall decorated with the tin ceiling sheets. This Victorian design was not only decorative in the 1800's, but is one of the most popular styles of today.


Another way to cover a wall is as a backsplash. This one is with our copper finish which goes wonderfully with their copper vent hood.


This wall covering is a wainscoting. It is a 6" design and is painted white.


Here is another way to cover your walls using our tin ceiling tiles. It has also been used for picture frames.

Tin Back Finishes


Tin ceilings sheets are also a great alternative for back splashes, behind wood stoves or as wainscoting. Usually the 6" patterns look best on smaller areas. This looks great, unpainted, but protected with either a Urethan or a Lacquer.


Here is a decorative backing to a stove. It uses a 6" design and a molded filler.


Here is again a 6" design used as a back splash. He will be painting this, because you can see how the reflection of light is uneven for the look, although many people do leave the natural finish, it should be protect with a Urethane or a Lacquer.


Some people like the metallic look of the tin tiles, but the shiny finish might be considered to new looking, so here the finish is painted with a steel gray color.

Hand-Painted Finishes


This is an extraordinary way of incorporating a Hand Painted Tin Ceiling into a beautiful house making it even more beautiful. This is a Gothic Gold Finish.


Here's a ceiling with the Copper Patina using Tiles, Molded Filler, Filler and Cornice.


This finish lends itself to the decor of this restaurant. Using a 24" design is excellent for high ceilings and are sometimes used as a medallion with smaller designs. We do recommend using a filler with the large size designs.


The is our Gothic Gold Finish on the front of a bar .Excellent for the atmosphere and it really bring out the design. Designers love the way it transforms this plain bar into a beautiful watering hole.


Plantation Charm on this 2' design looks great with a fan.


Here's a Gothic Gold Finish for a commercial establishment, giving it that "Old World" look.

Copper Finish


This copper ceiling is rich in color and it is reasonably priced. Using a wood moulding helps with the brown tones, but copper cornices are available also.


Here is our copper ceiling sheets used on a bar front. It is also excellent for the wood tone of the room. This Americana Star pattern is very popular.


Here the filler is blue, but see how the ceiling is dazzling with the copper finish. The molding is also copper.


Here the copper finish lends itself to the earth tone of this kitchen. Six inch designs are best for a backsplash.


Here is a copper mirror framed out in the 6" star pattern. People love framing picturesalso.


To accent an area, like this stove, the area can be finished off with either a molded filler or the girder nosing as it is here.

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