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NOTE: Most of our sheets are 2’ x 4’ (8 square feet), which is twice as big as our competitors. They cover more area, have less seams and make for a more uniform installation because of the 4 foot span.

Our 12” designs are excellent for larger areas such as: Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Libraries, Studies, Man Caves and Bedrooms. The 12” designs can be used for slightly higher ceilings. In some cases patterns are the same as the 6” patterns and can be used in conjunction with the 12” patterns. You can use a 12” design In a Master Bedroom and the 6” in the Master Bath. Or a Kitchen ceiling can have a 12” design and the Back Splash have a 6” design. Styles available: Americana, Art Deco, Generic, Turn of the Century and Victorian are available.

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