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How to Pick a Design

If you are trying to match a time period, we have many designs to choose from. We have a scroll down with choices under STYLES. Those choices are Americana, Art Deco, Generic, Turn of the Century and Victorian. If you are a person that likes a combination of everything, in your home, then our advice is “go with what you like best”.

Under each selection we have what we call the Face Plate and that is the main design in the room. We also have Cornices, and those go between the ceiling and the wall, like a crown molding. There is also something called a Molded Filler and that is usually used with a Filler. I didn’t mention Filler because we only have one, so you can use it or not. I will Blog about that in the future. For now it is best to used Filler with a 1’ design and definitely should be used with a 2’ design and with a pebbly area somewhere in the design, because that is what the Filler is, a non descript pebbly sheet.

Back to the Molded Filler. It is a decorative piece that runs around the Face Plate before the Filler. The Filler then goes to the wall where the Cornice finishes off the room.

The Americana has stars and there is also a country design there.

The Art Deco was around in the 1920s.

Generic are designs that don’t fit in the other categories.

Turn of the Century is just that, early 1900s.

Victorian is from the 1890s and our most popular designs.

NOTE: You can send us a diagram with the dimensions as close as you can get. Doesn’t have to be drawn to scale, I will do that. List the designs you think you would like to use and your address. I will draw up a diagram that will help your installer, as well as, have what you need and the cost to get it to you.

Thanks for reading.

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