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1- Tin ceilings are very decorative and can change the whole feel of your room. From an elegant dinning room to a fun play room to a romantic bedroom.

2- Through the decades new designs were added to the line, so you can bring back nostalgia from Art Deco and Americana to Turn of the Century and Victorian designs.

3- Instead of repairing those plaster ceilings over and over again, install a tin ceiling. It hides a multitude of sins and if you have an acoustical ceiling where the fiber tiles get wet and damaged, you only have to repaint a tin ceiling to make it look new again.

4- Our tin ceilings are Original Designs that have been reproduces on new tin-plated steel sheets.

5- For residential or commercially use. It adds atmosphere to restaurants and bars for their clientele or their beer drinking customers.

6- The size of most of our sheets are

2’ x 4’, although some come 2’ x 2’ and also 2' x 4' and 2’ x 2’ for a suspended ceiling. Easy to install for the do-it-yourself handy man.

7- Our tin-plated steel sheets are inexpensive. The 2’ x 4’ sheets (8 sq.ft.) are $18.00 per sheet, which is only $2.25 a sq.ft. Same sq.ft. price for the 2’ x 2’ sheet (8 sq.ft.), which are $9.00.

8- It’s not just for ceilings. Our material and their designs have been used on walls, as wainscoting, on bar fronts, as center pieces over a dinning room table and even on doors.

9- People have come up with all sorts of craft ideas for the these tin-plated sheets. Some projects were to repair old trunks, put around mirrors, in cabinets or on cabinet doors, as room dividers, clock faces and even used as art themselves.

10- Our Faux Finishes are beautiful. We send them out to get hand painted.

Oh! I forgot.

11- Use our consultants to help you pick designs and even pattern size, which come in 3”, 6”, 12” and 24 “ repeat patterns. Send a diagram, hand drawn is fine, with the correct measurements and we will send back a drawing with a layout, where to start, prices for material and for shipping. Whole ball of wax.

We pride ourselves on a unique product, great pricing and excellent service. We have a product and a company you can look up to. If you call you won’t get a machine unless our numerous phones, actually two, have callers, and if so we call right back. Questions can be asked at our website

Hope we’ll be ceiling you.

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