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Tin Ceilings Add Atmosphere to Restaurants and Bars

Tin ceiling can help give your restaurant or bar a distinct look. Styles range from Americana

and Art Deco to Turn of the Century and Victorian designs. Today, the food and drinking establishments are continuing to thrive in this modern world. People love good food, good drinks and good company, but most of all good atmosphere.

Restaurants and bars want to have a certain feel to them to attract the public. The decor is one of these ways. Tin ceilings are reasonably priced and have become very attractive to new restaurant and bar owners. They are very decorative for the price.

It's almost like one traveling through time, taking them back to an innocent time or a party time. The difference is for the patron and which they choose.

People remember tin ceilings from their childhood, so it can take them back to a nostalgic time. Next time you go out you may be quite surprised that your favorite places may have tin ceilings.

Architects are incorporating tin ceilings in their designing of new restaurant, as well as, the renovations of old ones. Many of them are trying to bring back the old world feel into our new world.

Some restaurant use tin ceilings as their standard look, such as TGI Friday's Restaurant chain, Pappas' Mexican Restaurants and most recently Black Walnut, Potbelly's and others. These and many other restaurants have gotten their tin ceilings, as well as the tin cornices that can go with them, from us here in Houston, Texas. It's a family owned business that started in New York City.

Designers love accenting certain areas, such as on the wall behind a bar or in front of the bar where the patrons sit. The decorative designs can be found on the walls leading to the restroom or in the restrooms themselves. Many old establishments have the original tin ceilings in them and that might be where the owners, architects and designers got their ideas. 

The sheets are nailed on wood or glued and nailed onto sheetrock. The newest way to install them is to lay them in the grid system of a suspended ceiling, so as not to tear down an existing ceiling or hide air condition ducts, but still make it look old or stylish to its surrounding. Or in the case to the right, mix old with contemporary. Those circles are lights.

Also newly available are hand painted Faux Finishes that are extremely beautiful (As below).

Starting with the Victorian designs in the gay 90's, then appearing in the early 1900's are the Turn of the Century designs. After that the 1920s brought the Art Deco era and after that Americana became fashionable. There is even a Country design. Pick the time period you prefer to recreate and make tin ceilings part your decor. "Tin ceilings", just the words themselves sound like a unique alternative.

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