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The Versatility of Tin Ceilings Sheets

You will be surprised at the many uses of tin-plated steel sheet besides tin ceilings. During this blog, one place we will not be looking is up, at a ceiling. How versatile are our sheets? 

Let's start with backsplashes. 

Above a sink or behind a stove and under the nearby cabinets is a perfect place to

enhance the look of your kitchen.

Backsplash with a Country Design

      Backsplash with a Victorian Design


This backsplash is a versatile

12" design with the Faux Finish

we call Gothic Gold


Another Faux Finish, this one is called

Plantation Charm and is highlighted

with a 2' design surrounded by 6" designs

Here are some inserted in kitchen cabinets

 Let's leave the kitchen to find cabinet inlays

     of pressed tin sheets in furniture.

Here the sheets are used on a wall to

enhance the look of this area of the room

Here it actually decorates the fire place itself, with a Faux Finish 6" Victorian Design

While we are on the subject, let see some of the beautiful Faux Finishes that we offer. These are sent out to

a painter and takes sometimes as much as 4-6 weeks to complete.

Here is a room made interesting by both a free standing fireplace with a solid back wall of embossed metal.

Below: Commercially used

Now to show you a few unique and creative

uses for our pressed tin sheets. But first some information. Our sheets come in

either 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' sheets of tin-plated steel. The styles ranger from

Americana and Turn of the Century to Art Deco and Victorian. The patterns

on our sheets come in 3", 6", 12" or 24" repeat patterns.

Yes, this is on the ceiling, but the magnificent

way he matched and cover the entrance to get

up above is nothing less than exquisite.

Whether to get up into the ceiling, or to reach

pipes, or get at the air conditioning, he actually

made it artful, or she.

A wall and a partition hiding the steps behind


I've seen the pressed tin sheets on cars in a car parade, on clock faces, framed as art, and

I'm sure any do-it-yourselfer or any one with an art project will come up with a very ingenues

way to incorporate the use of our pressed tin material. Oh! I forgot headboards.

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