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Tin Ceilings on Little Screens and Big Screens

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

I am a movie buff myself, but the only thing better than seeing tin ceilings in the movies or on TV, is knowing my company Chelsea Decorative Metal Company supplied those tin ceiling. Pressed tin is a great way to put a film in a certain time frame. This is from a western and the ceilings picture can teach people a lesson. First as you can see the seam is running down the length of the room. That is because of two reason that they didn't do, but might have been done on purpose. First, that sheet closest to us should have been put on top of the other sheet, so the seam faced the wall. Second, we recommend tapping the seams with the back of a 2" or 3" nail, hitting the point and using the head to crimp the metal closed. Below will be a little quiz for you movie buffs. I will give clues to a movie for you to guess. The movie has our tin ceilings in the production of that movie and a couple of TV shows also. Answers will be below the questions:

TV Shows:

1- Two girls working in a restaurant eventually opening up a cupcake pastry shop.

2- Presently a new show with an ensemble that only Samantha, woman of the house can


3- This series has had at least 4 spinoffs, and has three on in a row on Thursdays.

4- This show they sang and danced a lot. Even the guy in the wheel chair. Not Ironsides.

5- Four person ensemble hung out in namesake's apartment and corner coffee shop in city.


1- Where you go for a haircut. One and two.

2- He climbed up buildings on string from his wrists.

3- A Stephen King movie with Kate Hudson, John Hurt and Gena Rowlands.

4- Jack Black tried to catch this big monkey or at least film it.

5- Jeff Goldblum running an underground paper like The Village Voice.

6- Based on a bar on the Lower East Side, where they danced on the bar.

7- This John Wayne remake had Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

8- Bill Paxton shouldn't have done this on Ice Cube and Ice T turf.

9- Zac Efron becomes young again.

10- Al Pacino is the Devil.

TV: 1- Two Broke Girls: In their shop.

2- Ghost: In their kitchen.

3- Law & Order : Elevator door.

4- Glee: Under a balcony.

5- Seinfeld: In the Restaurant.


1- Barber Shop One and Barber Two.

2- Spiderman

3- Skelton Key

4- King Kong

5- Between the Lines.

6- Coyote Ugly.

7- True Grit

8- Trespass

9- 17 Again.

10- The Devil's Advocate.

Till next time, keep looking up.

NOTE: You can send us a diagram with the dimensions as close as you can get. Doesn’t have to be drawn to scale, I will do that. List the designs you think you would like to use and your address. I will draw up a diagram that will help your installer, as well as, have what you need and the cost to get it to you.

Thanks for reading.

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