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What Size Pattern is Right for You?

Here at Chelsea we have numerous designs and in numerous repeat patterns. What does that mean? It means the repeat of a design come in either a 3”, 6”, 12” or 24” repeat pattern on our 2’ x 4’ sheets or our 2’ x 2’ sheets. Here is our rule of thumb by Glenn Eldridge, owner and operator of the company for over 50 years.

The 3” designs are for small areas and isn’t as decorative as the bigger patterns, but it does serve a purpose. It can be installed where you have an area like the front of a bar, cabinet inserts or a bird house. Usually good for Arts and Craft projects.

The 6” designs work well as a backsplash, in bathrooms, hallways and on low ceilings. It can also make smaller areas look bigger because of the repeat.

The 12” designs work best in almost any room that isn’t small. Any room in the house. Higher ceilings for sure.

The 24” design are usually used commercially, but can also be used in homes with high ceilings. Sometimes one 24” design ( 2’ x 2’ ) can be used as a medallion on a ceiling or a center piece on a wall. Some put the lights in the flatness of a 24” design.

As you can see in the picture, above, used as a center piece works extremely well.

Of course any size can almost be used anywhere, but a small design on a very high ceiling won’t work well and a big design on a backsplash seems ridiculous.

You can always ask our sales people for advise.

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