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Why Our Tin Ceiling Company is for You?

Besides the fact that we are a family owned business, I, myself, have gotten in the business right after I was at The Woodstock Festival, some 54 years ago. But here is a top ten reason list:

1- I am known as The Tinman and we have a heart here at Chelsea. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. I won’t count that.

1- We have ORIGINAL DESIGNS that date back to the 1800s:

a. Americana

b. Art Deco

c. Turn of the Century


2- We are manufacturers, not just distributors, so our stock is plentiful.

3- We are in Houston, Texas, centrally located in

the country, so shipping cost could work better for you.

4- I’m the only person in the industry that

has actually installed metal ceiling,

and will be aware of certain situations

other companies can’t even think of.

5- Our material is tin-plated steel, should still be protected, but is still more rust resistant.

6- Most of our sheets come 2’ x 4’, which has advantages:

a. Covers more area at a time.

b. Helps keep the ceiling sheets straight

during installation

because of the longer stride.

c. Easier and faster install.

d. Fewer seams.

Other companies sound less expensive. Just be aware, that's because their sheets are half the size. (2' x 2').

Ours 18.00 per 2' x 4' sheet.

7- We answer the phones. Only machine picks up if we are on both lines and if so, we call

back quickly.

8- We will do a diagram of your area if you send us your hand drawn area with correct

dimensions. Once you have the diagram we will discuss it with you or your installer as many times as you need.

9- Our website is very easy to understand.

10- Our Faux Finishers are hand painted.

If you need another reason, just call us, you will find we are courteous, friendly and quite knowledgable. And we have a wonderful Blog.

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